The route around Rands Fjord is ideal for people who enjoy nature and bird life. It follows regional routes 57 and 58.

Rands Fjord is a preserved nature area. The hilly terrain, woodlands, lush meadows and steep slopes are home to a rich bird life. With a bit of luck you may see the white-tailed eagle hunting in the area. Along the way you can park your bike and follow one of the hiking trails along the water. A viewpoint on the southern side of the fjord is a good place for spotting white-tailed eagles and other birds. The historic manor house Nebbegård lies on the northern side of Rands Fjord. This is where the king Valdemar Atterdag in 1348 entered a peace agreement with the Holstein counts on the redemption of Funen. If you would like to know what life in the country was like in the old days, we suggest you visit the Kringsminde farm museum close to the fjord. Here you can experience country life in the 17th and 18th centuries and see who carried out the many different jobs on the farm.

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