If you are looking for a bike ride that will show you interesting war history, town life and stunning nature, then this route is a good choice. It follows national route 5 and regional route 58. Take care to follow the instructions on the map, as not all parts of the route are signposted. You can choose to start in the centre of Fredericia and check out the town’s attractive ramparts; the best protected ramparts in Northern Europe. It was Frederik III who in 1650 gave the order to build Fredericia Ramparts and the fortress town, which at times employed up to 5000 people. Today, the ramparts are one of the largest public city parks in Denmark.
Explore the shops in Fredericia or continue the ride to Madsby Park, an interesting outdoor area west of the city. Rands Fjord is a nice place to enjoy your lunch in peace and quiet. The terrain is hilly with woodlands, grassy areas, cultivated fields and steep valley slopes covered in deciduous forest. Rands Fjord used to be an actual inlet but has since been converted to a protected freshwater lake. Finish your trip at the beautiful beach and forest area of Trelde Næs, which has several places to spend the night and options for walks in the forest or a refreshing dip at the beach. The nature of Trelde Næs is very remarkable. Read more about it here or get on your bike and see for yourself.

Route map, click here

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