Welcome to Filskov Kro Football Golf

Football golf is a fun activity, great entertainment and nice exercise for the whole family. Football golf is perfect for family celebrations, bachelorette party, company trip, confirmations and children's birthdays or as a break from powerpoint and post it to the conference.

At Filskov Kro Football Golf we have the perfect set up for your next event. The plant consists of 2 two-tier 18 hole football golf courses spread over a 5.6 hectare area.

The football golf facility is established in connection with the Inn (Kro), which includes a lunch and evening restaurant, banqueting rooms for up to 160 people and meeting rooms with various equipment. In addition to a fun and enjoyable day at the football golf course, this also allows us to offer you an all-inclusive package in one of the inn's cozy premises. Read more about this on the website.

You can of course also choose the "do-it-yourself" solution where you can freely use our club room or one of our terraces and enjoy your brought-away food when the entrance fee is paid.


We look forward to welcoming you on the track!