Haugstrup Vestergård is a house that has been converted into three cozy apartments. Located on the outskirts of Filskov with a beautiful view.
From here, there is only a 15-minute drive by car to Legoland and Lalandia. There is a garden and a campfire site, which is shared with the other apartments.

Note, however, that the forest behind Haugstrup Vestergård is private, so all the traffic is deceived.

The three apartments have the following beds:

Haugstrup Vestergård 1 (7 + 2)

Haugstrup Vestergård 2 (6 + 2)

Haugstrup Vestergård 3 (4 + 2)


If you are more than what is available in a single apartment, you can book several of the apartments at the same time.