Test your courage in Glad Zoo: how big a snake do you dare to hold? The small one? And the big one? Together with one of our zookeepers, we visit the snakes’ house and we will see which one of them would like to come out to you. And which one you have the courage to hold. As a proof of your courage, you will get badge, which you can carry during all your holiday and when you come home, so that everyone can see how courageous you are. 

When you arrive at Glad Zoo and pay for your entrance, you must show your Be Happy Pass to the staff in the booking office/kiosk. You will be informed of a time for your appointment with the zookeeper. The event is exclusive for holders of a Be Happy Pass. 

Both before and after you have visited the snakes, you can enjoy the rest of Glad Zoo, which has almost 80 different exotic animals and bird species in their “almost” natural environment. In our tropic area you can experience big snakes, varans, funny monkeys and a variety of colourful birds.

We find animals and their lives exciting and we would love to share our experience and knowledge with you. This is why you may be contacted by one of our zookeepers while you are visiting the park. This means that in our zoo you can get very close to the animals and learn more about them. We attach great importance to a cosy atmosphere for the entire family and among other things, we offer guided tours providing information about the animals, a large natural playground and a ”pat the animals area” for the smallest children, and then of course our daily falconer show. 

Our name is Glad Zoo (Happy Zoo) because we are owned by Gladfonden (foundation) which is a growth focused company educating and employing people with and without handicaps to provide services, products and culture events. In Glad Zoo we educate zookeepers.