Would you like to be king or queen for a day and go on a journey back in time? Then visit Koldinghus and walk in the footsteps of the royals around the castle and explore the history dressed in the most beautiful costumes. 

Due to relocations at the Castle, Koldinghus is closed from 16. December to 12. February

After this, the Museum at Koldinghus opens in a new setting in Staldgården and Kongernes Samling Rosenborg and Amalienborg open a new department at Koldinghus.


Jump back in time at the old royal castle, Koldinghus! Follow the steps of Danish kings and queens, who lived and ruled this place hundreds of years ago, and experience the historical surroundings just as they did in the old times. Koldinghus is full of mysteries and secrets, waiting to be uncovered by you. We promise you that while you wander around the castle, you will forget the present, because Koldinghus will take you on an exciting, unforgettable trip centuries back in time.

Have you ever heard about the popular game of bowling? Did you know that it was a favourite hobby for many already in the time of kings? If you visit the inner yard of the castle, you will have the chance to try out the royal bowling alley from the old days. The core rules of the game have resisted the test of time, so you play it just the same way as you always do.

Also, take part in the treasure hunt, where you have to track the history of the castle and explore every corner from the sky-high tower to the murky dungeon through fun tasks. Become part of history, and get to know the lives of royals and nobles during this exciting hunt.

You will find a room on the way up to the tower, which you should definitely not miss. This place hides a collection of old toys that children used a very long time ago. Stop by and see how many of the items you can recognize. We guarantee you that you will be surprised by the experience, when you compare your favourite toys with those that are hundreds of years old.

We wish you a great time at Koldinghus and don’t forget to help keep history alive!

Opening hours

  • Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Closed: December 24, 25 and 31 + January 1