The Marielund Forest offers an exciting and challenging MTB terrain, where there are both trails for the beginner as well as the experienced.

Mountain bike in Marielund

About the route

In Marielundskoven, in the middle of Kolding, you will find a good and challenging MTB track. A technical route that challenges most people if they choose the yellow route. The white route is somewhat easier, but still challenging.
As a beginner, it is recommended to take the white route and expect that you may need to go and pull somewhere. The track is marked partly with MTB signs and white spots on the trees.
In some places there are alternate lighter runs marked with yellow spots on the trees.

During periods of rain, the substrate may become very muddy.

There can be parked on Marielundvej, follow the gravel road about 850m where the route starts on the left.
There can also be parked at Bramdrupskovvej, from where you can follow a path down to the Troldhedebane at the bottom of the forest. Here you will find markings of the MTB track.


The idyllic area of ​​Marielund lake has a long tradition as a destination for Kolding citizens.

In the old forest there are several marked tours.


There are several marked trails in the forest of Marielund skov.