In 2015, ATRIUM was formed as a creative forum for a group of Danish ceramics who wanted to investigate, challenge and reinterpret the historically overseen and neglected plant pot. Together, and with great passion, they have worked to unfold the potential form and expression of these ceramic containers.

The exhibition ATRIUM. THE LIVING POT is the result of the collective work of the ATRIUM Group, focusing on greatly varying pot shapes during the years 2015-2018.  The result is a cohesive installation; where the story of one of pottery's archetypes is unfolded in new ways – in different formats, design languages, colours and constellations – with great inspiration from and in close interaction with different plant species.

ATRIUM consists of the ceramicists: Anja Bache, Pia Baastrup, Lis Biggas, Vibeke Buciek, Ane-Katrine von Bülow, Lea-Mi Engholm, Vinni Hedegaard Frederiksen, Inger Heebøll, Vibeke Krog, Ann Linnemann, Lone Skov Madsen, Helle Rittig, Lise Seier Petersen , Tine Secher and Mette Marie Ørsted.