Explore the Wadden Sea National Park with The Wadden Sea Centre - the Gate to UNESCO World Heritage.

When you visit the 1000 m2 exhibition of The Wadden Sea Centre you embark on a journey through the landscape of the Wadden Sea, as seen through the millions of migratory birds. You get to see at close quarters the world of birds which normally is only seen at a distance. You enter into the large swarms of birds, feel them and travel on with them. THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE’s exhibition "The Wadden Sea - 15 million birds migrating" is an aesthetic, fairytale and incredible exhibition about The Wadden Sea and the world of migratory birds. These are cognitive experiences, so the Visitors’ Centre for the UNESCO World Heritage is a really good place to start when visiting The Wadden Sea and the National Park.

The centre is a delightful place for a great family experience.  Your visit can be combined with a tour of The Wadden Sea either via our comprehensive tour programme or by ordering your own tailormade tour. Especially for children and families our Sea Explorer tour is perfect. We walk in the shallow water and explore the animal life. You can also undertake Seal Tours, where we drive with a tractor bus to the island of Mandø and then walk about 3 kilometres on the sea bed out to the seals.


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