Explore the story of Ribe from the year 700 - 1700

Experience the Viking era and the Middle Ages in the Ribe's Vikings. Thousands of artefacts found during archaeological excavations in the area tell the interesting history of Ribe from the year 700 to the year 1700.

Explore Ribe’s history by taking a stroll down the market place in the year 800 and step aboard a reconstructed Viking ship like a true Viking setting out to explore the world. Then, after just a few steps, you can stand on a street corner of Ribe in the year 1500.

Watch a film about Ribe’s Vikings, excavate in the archaeological sandpit, explore the large museum shop or visit the activity room "Dagmar and Valdemar", where you can dress up in costumes, joust like a medieval knight or step into a medieval home.

Welcome to the world of the gods from 18th June2016. Rest in the shadow of tree of life, Yggdrasil, and read the fascinating stories of the Old Norse Gods while you lean on the great snake from Midgard. You can also do the giant puzzles or write messages in runes. Or what about a quick look at what the humans in Mitgard are doing - try the magic binoculars. ASGARD is a quiet corner for children and their families, where we unfold the stories of the Old Norse Gods.

Dagmar and Valdemar
Visit our hands-on exhibit, where both children and adults can learn more about the Middle Ages through games and physical activities. The hands-on exhibition is full of medieval costumes, floral garlands, horses and lances so you have everything you need to pretend you are in the Middle Ages.