Situated between Vejle and Fredericia are the popular beaches of Mørkholt, Hvidbjerg and Høll (the Flat Beach). Hvidbjerg Beach was named in honour of the national nature reserve, Hvidbjerg Klit, which is a protected area of outstanding natural beauty and the only easterly sand dune in Jutland. The two large white dunes consisting of fine micaceous sand tower nearly 30 meters (100 feet) above sea level and are known as ‘Store Klit’ and ‘Lille Klit’. The top of the dunes offers a spectacular view of the wooded Trelde Næs cape and the outermost tip of Vejle Bay. 

The family-friendly bathing beaches, the excellent Blue Flag water quality and the stunning natural surroundings make the area between Mørkholt and Høll extremely popular with visitors during the summer months. Here you will find a wide variety of holiday homes and campgrounds as well as shopping and nearby parking amenities.

The Danish National Cycle Network R5, the East Coast Trail (Østkystruten), runs through the area.

The area can be reached by public transport. Bus route 204 serves the area around Hvidbjerg on the route between Vejle and Fredericia.