Tirsbæk Beach is located on the north side of Vejle Bay surrounded by protected wooded coastal cliff sides and the lush, rolling fields around Tirsbæk Castle. 

The relatively wide sandy beach is family-friendly and there are plenty of nature experiences for young children, not least at the water’s edge, where a bevy of crabs and snails await a child’s fascinated exploration.  

Along the beach there are ‘snorkel reefs’, which are underwater pathways.

Rowers and sailors can dock by the bridgehead where visitors can bathe. There are steps on both sides of the bridgehead.

Near the beach is a large green public area featuring a snack bar, picnic tables and benches, toilet facilities and a car park. The neighbouring hardwood forest offers excellent opportunities for walking the marked nature trails, and you will also find a dedicated bonfire site.  

The Danish National Cycle Route No. 5, the East Coast Route (Østkystruten), runs through the area.  

During summer, city bus no. 12 runs from Vejle city centre to Tirsbæk Beach.