Take a journey 1300 years back in time to when the Vikings ruled Ripa (Ribe). In Ribe VikingeCenter history is alive and you are part of it!

Ribe VikingeCenter is a heritage centre presenting authentic reconstructions of the earliest Ripa. Come face to face with the blacksmith, the King's minter, the völva, the lady of the house, the thrall (slave), the warrior, the falconer, the carpenter, the farmer and all the animals on his estate.

Take a stroll through the marketplace, 710 AD, and visit the workshops of skilled craftspeople like the silversmith and glass beadmaker. On the river bank, the master builder and his workers are constructing a new habour, 770 AD, suitable for bigger ships to land. In Ripa Town, 825 AD you can explore the Vikings' houses, visit the carpenter's workshop and the beautiful Thing-hall, where the walls have been decorated with a 20 m long mural. The manor farm, 980 AD provides an excellent insight into Viking Age agriculture. Meet the old-breed animals and visit the magnificent home of the farmer.

Ribe VikingeCenter offers drama and activities every single day. For instance, you can join in archery and warrior training, bake flatbread and learn the Viking games. Let your imagination run free and play along.

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