Enjoy the beautiful Grene Stream and Gyttegård Plantation
Grene Stream is the upper part of Grindsted Stream, which runs through a nature reserve that stretches along Gyttegård Plantation. The stream winds through woods, thickets and meadows with varied vegetation. On Grene Stream there is a chance to catch brown trout and pike in the incredibly beautiful environment that surrounds the stream.

Grindsted Sports Fishing Association has fishing rights on the southwest side - divided into 4 sections - interspersed by small plots where fishing and traffic is prohibited. On Grindsted Sports Fishing Association website you will find a map of Grene Stream.

Remember that all anglers between 18 and 65 must have a valid fishing license to fish in the Danish waters. Fishing license can be purchased online

In addition to the compulsory license, you also need a fishing card if you want to fish in waters that are rented out to local angling associations. In the Billund area, it Grindsted Sports Fishing Association that handles the sale og fishing cards. You can buy your fishing card online