GIVSKUD ZOO safari, zoo and dinosaur park – for a great day out!

Enjoy a day out you’ll never forget.

Visit GIVSKUD ZOO, just a 20-minute drive from Billund and Vejle. You’ll love the park’s spacious landscapes and extraordinary atmosphere. Walk around the zoo and see gorillas, spectacled bears, elephants, giant otters and many other animals. You can even visit the lemurs, Barbary macaques and goats inside their enclosures.

In June 2021, the zoo will open Denmark’s largest penguin enclosure, where the lively penguins will romp around on land and in the water. Go on safari in your own car or aboard the park’s safari bus and get right up close to the wild animals of the savannah. Feel the thrill when a lion, giraffe or bison crosses the road right in front of you, or when the many playful cubs scamper about.
You can also look forward to exploring Denmark’s largest dinosaur park, where you’ll meet more than 50 life-size giants of the past in the wild. Come face-to-face with a T-Rex, Brachiosaurus and others, if you dare.

Discover new things among the many special exhibits. In the Inspiratorium, you can learn how to help protect nature. In PlasticPlanet, you’ll be inspired to help reduce plastic pollution. In the Cabin of Death you can experience how life grows out of death, and, from 2021, in the Global Goals Park you’ll get tips and ideas for how to make a difference for the sake of the planet. You’ll also find plenty of fun activities for children in the playgrounds and activity areas. At weekends and during the holidays, you can bake bread on the bonfire, free of charge.
Visiting GIVSKUD ZOO is a great experience for the whole family! You get to experience the zoo, safari, dinosaur park, exhibits and activities all for the price of a single ticket. Buy a ticket at and save money on each ticket.

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