LEGO® House –
The world’s best play date


Hi there! Welcome to the world’s best play date for the whole family – adults, children at heart and actual children. It will be a fantastic day at the ultimate LEGO® Playhouse. And everyone is invited to the world’s best play date, which no one will want to leave. And this makes it slightly tricky come closing time. But it will be fun. Well, see you there.

Playhouse on a completely new level

You’re still here – great! Well, I will simply continue: LEGO® House has six Experience Zones, a cosy LEGO Square and topnotch outdoor playgrounds on our nine roof terraces. Start the world’s best play date at the Tree of Creativity. It is 15.68 metres tall. And then move on to the Masterpiece Gallery to see some of the craziest LEGO masterpieces. You will then continue into the Experience Zones...

Let your creativity flow in the Red Zone

Wooosh! Imagine a giant waterfall of LEGO® bricks. An ocean of colours. What would you build? In the Red Zone, creativity hooks up with play and imagination. Create a unique masterpiece or solve cool challenges with the cute Play Agents. I promise that you will not be short of LEGO bricks. Just build away.

Create your own stories in the Green Zone

And action! Do you want to be a hero in your own movie? Then drop by the Green Zone and shoot this year’s blockbuster. You can also explore our LEGO® worlds and discover hidden stories. Or how about building your own unique LEGO miniature figure and splashing it across a magazine cover? 

Experience play and logic clone in the Blue Zone

Hey, have you ever tried freeing mammoths from the ice with intelligent robots on an Arctic expedition? Probably not. But it sounds pretty cool, right? You can also build your own race car and test it on the track – which will be the fastest? Or play a city architect for a day. In the Blue Zone, we turn up the volume for play and logic. 

Let your imagination run wild in the Yellow Zone

Can a fish have arms? Or wheels? In the Yellow Zone, you’re the boss. Build a LEGO® sea animal based on your imagination, and let it loose in the aquarium. Or build a LEGO flower and plant it in the meadow. You can also design a clumsy insect, and let it dance through the jungle. It’s all up to you and your imagination.


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